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Nestled in the vicinity of the kaziranga national park… this wildlife resort is meant 2-spoil u silly!
Want 2 see the exotic land of the Rhino? Or may be take a leisurely walk? Or even just laze in d beautiful calm environment away from the humdrum of life??? Dhanshree Resort is so the place for u...
Why??? I mean why this particular Resort???
Dhanshree Resort has come to be a top-notch Hospitality brand, which can boast of providing the finest facility and service, which its guests both deserve and except. The resort has always dedicated itself in providing its guests with an effortless and relaxing vacation at all times, which is why it is considered as one of the best in the vacation ownership and hospitality industry.........
We provide 6 rooms, 7 cottages and 2 deluxe cottages, adventure tracking, bird watching point, Tea garden, Traditional villages visit with foods.We have ample arrangement for elephant and jeep safari inside the national park................
Harbel Life : 2006 To 2008 (Monthly two times).
Bajaj Allience : 2006 December 17.18.19.
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