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Kaziranga is a travellers’ paradise, a photographers haven and a wildlife enthusiasts’ dream. Kaziranga National Park is known for its wide variety of animal species, birds and reptiles. You can surely enjoy a nice and pleasant trip to Kaziranga with your family or friends and make its memory last forever.


The best time to visit Kaziranga National park is during the dry cold season of winter as you will be able to spot the animals in their natural habitat or during summers when you can see them coming to the pools of water to take a dip or simply cool down.The main attractions of Kaziranga are- the one-horned Rhinoceros (majority found only in this sanctuary), the Royal Bengal Tigers where they can enjoy staying in their natural habitat away from poachers, a wide variety of deer, leopards, herds of elephants, jackal, otters, Indian Gaur, wild India boar, etc. Species of beautiful delicate birds such as Indian Roller, Storks, grey-headed fishing Eagle, Pallas’s fishing Eagle, Black Kite, Bengal Florican (an endangered species), etc. enhance the beauty of Kaziranga. Besides the natural escapes of the park, you can enjoy sightseeing in or near Kaziranga by visiting the beautiful Tea Gardens of Borchapori, Methoni, Behora, Hathkhuli, Difalu; Panbari Forest Reserve, Kakochang Waterfalls, Gohpur, Kalyani Mandir, Deoparbat Ruins, Deotala, Basudev Doul, Akadohia Pukhuri, Ahotguri Satra, etc.

Pack your bags and enjoy a blissful and adventurous time with your family sightseeing in Kaziranga!


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